Last night my Bugga made a wish on

Last night my Bugga made a wish on a dandelion and as she was falling asleep she asked me if I thought her wish would come true in the night. I told her that sometimes it takes awhile for our wishes to come true and sometimes they never do but we can’t be dissapointed. We can keep on wishing and dreaming. She had this super hopeful look on her face and said, “I just know this wish will come true in the night! I wished for a unicorn!” This is where I made the mistake of replying with, “Baby, unicorns aren’t real so it probably won’t come true.”

Holy meltdown! Oh. My. God. Full on sobbing ensued! I mean you would think the world was coming to an end. Between sobs she somehow managed to let me know that “Unicorns…..ARE …..real!  my…. imaginary….. friend…. is… a unicorn….and YOU JUST BROKE HER HEART! 

Seriously. I’m lucky my daughter loves me because for about 10 minutes last night I was pretty much the worst person in the world in her eyes. 

If this is 6 year old drama, I don’t want to know what I’m in for in another 6 years! Or 10… oh,  God help me!




The kids have been talking ALOT about “when they get big” and what they will do and be. On their fourth birthday Bug announced that now that she is big she can be a rockstar AND a babysitter ❤ and every day I overhear some piece of conversation about when they get bigger. They will go to school and they will go to work (the occupation they will have changes daily but for the most part Bug will work at “Sayon Fusion” and Bubba will work on cars or be a fireman :),  they will drive cars and have guns and tools and cook their own dinner… etc.
Today over breakfast the conversation went something like this:

Bubba: When I get big I’m gonna shoot a Kodiak!
Bug: *giggling* what’s a Kodiak? like a bear?!
Bubba: Yeah, it’s pretty much just like a grizzly but the feet are a different color. i’m gonna shoot one and put it in my house.

Seriously! Who are these children and where do they come up with this stuff?!

Workout Video

So, I am WAY WAY WAY behind on my blogging and I promise I’ll get caught up once we lose our sunny days and are stuck inside…  but for now a quick workout video by my little Bug 🙂 This is what happens when a 4 year old decides she can exercise better than the lady on Mommy’s videos! Bubba couldn’t help himself from jumping in here and there. enjoy!  in the words of the australian gal that does my kickbox videos “I know you’ll see results with this one!”

My favorite role

Bugga: Excuse me worker lady.
Me: I’m a worker lady?
Bug: Yes. This is McDonald’s and my son (Bubba) and I would like chicken nuggets and fries please. *whispers* you are the worker lady so now you have to go make chicken nuggets and fries…………. please?

Thankfully we HAD chicken nuggets and fries to make!

Haha! I love my roles in their make believe! Last night I got to be the evil witch that has a funny laugh! 🙂 it was fun until the prince (Auntie Jess) “sworded” me!  No, it was still fun even after that!!

I love watching their imaginations create complete storylines, and seeing who and what they are pretending to be. And I love being included and getting to play the evil witch, or the queen, or the handsome prince, or the fairy godmother, or the horse, or most recently and most often the “worker lady”! But most of all I love getting to be “Mommy” to the most wonderful almost-4-year-olds on the planet!  Their amazing minds and hearts surprise me everyday!

Every role I have played in life from student to business owner to wanna be punk rocker (yes, I went through that stage and loved it!)….. all of them pale in comparison to stay at home mom who gets to be anything my kids’ imaginations can come up with!  Every day brings the potential of “being” something or someone new and exciting and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Dreaming of Summer

Every morning the kids wake up and ask, “Is it summer?” and when I say, “Nope, it’s still snowing..” their wishful little 3 year old minds say, “I think it really IS summer, can we go to the beach?” And as much as I love Montana and the opportunity it brings to experience all of God’s beautiful seasons, there are days I wish I could live inside their vivid imaginations and believe, as they do, that it really is summer.

Yesterday, I came across these pictures from last summer that reminded me of the power a sunny day has to turn a normal afternoon into a backyard adventure! I love looking back at pictures that seemed like just another day and realizing how amazing “just another day” is in my life!

Learning to Love

As my kids grow, it is amazing to see how they learn about love. I remember the first time each of them looked at me and said “I love you” on their own, not as a response to me saying it first. I can remember the look of pure, innocent, unconditional love in their eyes and the tears it brought to mine. I can remember the overwhelming emotion so well, it is bringing tears to my eyes now as I write this. It is almost unbelievable the amount of love a heart can hold for your child. The way my little Bubba looks over at me and kisses my cheek while we’re rocking together watching TV, the way my daughters arms wrap around me when her feelings are hurt –  those are tiny pieces of life that make every hard moment so worth it and let me know that they are learning to love.

Our newest lessons in love are coming in the way of relationship love. My little Bug not understanding why Daddy didn’t kiss me when he was in a hurry at work, “We can’t go yet, Daddy didn’t kiss you! He always kisses you when we leave, why didn’t he kiss you? He doesn’t yove you anymore?” with this look of total devastation, made me really see the magnitude of our actions teaching them what love really is. Her complete meltdown the other night that “Daddy can’t marry me because he already married you! But I YOVE him! I want to be his Yife, but YOU are already his Yife! He doesn’t yove me!”.  And even though it took me an hour to explain that Daddy DOES “yove” her more than anything in the world and she can’t get married until she’s a grown up,  it made my heart happy to see the amount of love her heart holds for her daddy even if she doesn’t totally understand that there are different kinds of love.

The older they get though, the less innocent their experiences with love become, they are starting to learn that along with the joy and happiness of love sometimes comes pain and sadness because when you really love someone your heart is vulnerable to be broken. Of course, they are not old enough to completely understand this but I can see that they do feel it and it breaks my heart to see theirs hurting.

My kids are some of the few, very fortunate people to have had the chance to be very close with their Great Grandmother, my Grandma. When she passed away recently, it affected them much more than I actually thought it would. I knew that they had big hearts and they loved their “GG” but honestly it surprised me that those tiny little minds could understand the loss they experienced as well as they did, and that those tiny little hearts just learning to really comprehend the meaning of love could hurt with the amount of pain I saw in their little eyes. As much as it hurt me to lose my grandmother, I think it hurt me more to see the raw pain in my children. But as painful as it is to see them randomly remember her and start to cry, and as much as it broke my heart at her funeral to see my son finally understand that she was gone and not coming back  I love that these two little people that have consumed my heart have already known the kind of love that is so real and strong that it can hurt with a very real kind of pain unlike any other. I love that in my Grandma’s last few days my sweet son sent his favorite book “Guess How Much I Love You” to the hospital with me to make her feel better. I love that my Grandma’s last noticeable gesture was kissing my daughter as she leaned in to say goodbye. And I love that I can see the sensitive hearts my children have grown into through their experiences with loving, I mean REALLY loving someone.

“Cool” Kids

Just a few funnies from the past week or so:

~When we sit at the table for meals the kids are on one side and the Hubby and I on the other. Over the last few months the kids have been increasingly antagonizing each other; taking each others food, trading forks, sliding the other one’s cup too far away to reach, just pretty much driving each other (and us!) crazy! A few nights ago, Daddy had had enough and switched spots with the Bug, trying to avoid a melt down by making it fun, I said something like, “Yay, now we have boys on one side and girls on one side!! A boy side and a girl side!!” Bubba picked up his fork, looked at his dad, and said, “Okay Dad, LET’S DO THIS!!” Apparently, dinner is a competition now?!

~ Last week, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” came on the radio while we were driving and I started singing along. I looked back at the kids who were boppin’ along to the music and said, “Mommy likes this song too!” and Bug says, “Yeah Mom, this is our JAM! This is our jam PARTY!!” She is SO her mother’s daughter!! haha!  

~Today, we were walking the River Road and I hear Bubba say, “Look at that garbage can, how cool is that?!” I had to stop and ask him what he had said just to be sure! Then on the way home, I hear, “Hey, look at that mailbox! How cool is that?!” Haha!! These kids need to get out more!!!

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